I'll introduce myself briefly. I'm Gerard Arderius. I live in Girona, and I'm both Graphic Designer and athlete.

I enjoy both design projects and spending time doing a route, disconnecting, or participating in a mountain race. My passion for sports and design has helped me build my work approach, understand design, and tackle new challenges.

Brand Identity

Motion Graphics

Website & App

Editorial Design

Art Direction

Icons and Illustartions

Thanks to Wikiloc, I've enjoyed unique experiences and routes. It's an indispensable part of my routine when it comes to planning and going on outings.

As a Graphic Designer, I believe there's a huge potential to leverage your brand.

Below, I'll show you some projects I've worked on that help me explain how to update, activate, and enhance a brand's values:

Passo de Cuinar

Rebranding of the "Passo de Cuinar", which offers delivery services, meaning delivering food from restaurants to other households.


Unlike other brands in the sector, Passo de Cuinar is a delivery service that cares about the territory, about local commerce. It is responsible, social, and ecological.

With these values and a new positioning, a unique and distinctive brand is created. With a coherent graphic system; from the logo, through the icons, to the communication of the App itself.



Rebranding of Atrápalo. One of the most iconic national brands in the market offering experiences for all audiences.


The brand has undergone a very positive evolution since its beginnings. However, after this growth and success, the passage of years has led to its brand system being out of alignment with what it truly represented.

The main objective was to update the brand, establish a strong graphic system, and give it a voice that could convey and attract the millions of users it targets.

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I believe there is a long road ahead to explore. How about we meet and see how we can collaborate?

If what you've seen interests you and you believe we can make a good team, feel free to contact me at

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